Monday, April 30, 2018

The Rise of Civilizations: First Cities and Empires by John Farndon -OPTIONAL

Farndon, John The Rise of Civilizations: First Cities and Empires, 32 pages.  NON-FICTION. Hungry Tomato (Lerner), 2018.  $20.

This short book is jam packed with information starting in the Stone age and moving forward until the Fall of Rome. Many of the pages are presented as world maps with lots of little fact blurbs about what was happening in that part of the world during that time period. Tiny depictions of people, buildings, tools, and more are pictured.

This book really attempted to cover all the bases –there is just so much to cover. Condensed into 32 smaller than normal sized pages is ends up being just really busy and confusing. I don’t get many requests for a summary of civilization, readers are usually interested in a certain time period.  Additionally, the cover isn’t very appealing –so I probably wouldn’t add to this my library.

EL – OPTIONAL Stephanie, Elementary School Librarian & Author

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