Friday, April 20, 2018

The Lockdown Drill by Deputy Becky Coyle - OPTIONAL

Cole, Deputy Becky The Lockdown Drill,  20 pages.  NON-FICTION. Flowerpot Press, 2016.  $12.

This book features a younger grade class who starts a lockdown drill, but things gradually go wrong as they talk, are distracted by things in the area like a button on a vacuum, and eventually they panic. The teacher is a school police officer who reviews the rules and they try again-that’s what practice is for. Feature large color illustrations.  

This book is good in that it can be used by a teacher to introduce the required Lockdown drills that every school must practice and it doesn’t go into detail about the why’s. The part that would confuse the students at my school is the school police officer. At least around here only middle and high schools have these officers, I think. I wish the book showed at least a teacher present. Teachers might use this at the start of the school year, but students wouldn't read it on their own. 

EL(K-3) – OPTIONAL Stephanie, Elementary School Librarian & Author

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