Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Big Brown Bear's Cave by Yuval Zommer- OPTIONAL

Zommer, Yuval. Big Brown Bear’s Cave. PICTURE BOOK. Templar Books, 2017. $16.99.

Big Brown Bear discovers the perfect cave one day and moves in immediately. He can’t quite get comfortable though and decides to go for a stroll. On his walk, he finds human “caves” (garages) that are filled with lots of stuff. He decides he must need stuff too and makes off with bikes, watering cans, fire extinguishers, and boxes of junk. He fills his cave to the brim. He makes it so full in fact, that when his bear friends come by to see his new place, they can’t even fit inside. All the bears decide to take the stuff back and now that his cave is empty, he can fill it with the things that are really important; his friends.

I do like the illustrations in this book and the final theme of the story about how people are what is important, not more stuff is really lasting, but the focus on the theme isn’t highlighted enough and seems only to be used to wrap up the story.

EL (K-3)- OPTIONAL. Reviewed by Shay, School Librarian

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