Friday, April 20, 2018

Marie Curie by Demi -OPTIONAL

Demi Marie Curie, 25 pages.  NON-FICTION. Henry Holt (Macmillan) , 2018.  $20.

This picture book is actually a fairly detailed biography of the life of Marie Curie. From her highly educated childhood, her family life, her college education, her discoveries, and her legacy –readers get a very good understanding of her life. Demi’s stylized illustrations throughout.

Usually these picture book biographies lack detail or focus on one piece of a person’s life –but this one could easily be used for an upper grade research project. The only fault I can find is that Demi’s illustrations are kind of dull and would have trouble holding a student’s interest. They also really enjoy seeing a photograph or two –which this book does not include. I would prefer a photo-biography honestly –but this book does feature good information presented in an understandable format.

EL -OPTIONAL.  Stephanie, Elementary School Librarian & Author

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