Friday, April 20, 2018

Moto and Me by Suzi Eszterhas - ESSENTIAL

Eszterhas, Suzi Moto and Me : My Year as a Wildcat's Foster Mom, 40 pages. NON FICTION. Owlkids Books, 2017. $19 Content: G.

A wildlife photographer chronicles her year raising a baby serval.  Left behind by its mother, the rangers entrusted Eszterhas with the infant cat, and she (under veterinary supervision) raised the kitten to return to the wild.

This is the cutest wild baby cat I have ever seen! Oh my!  The photographs are perfect, kitten playing, kitten eating, kitten catching mice - when your foster mom's a photographer, you get the best photo ops.  The text is perfect too.  About 3rd grade and up will find this delightful - raising a wild animal is difficult and rewarding. Includes an appendix with interesting facts about servals.

EL - ESSENTIAL Lisa Librarian

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