Friday, April 20, 2018

Crayola: Science of Color by Mari Schuh - OPTIONAL

Schuh, Mari Crayola: Science of Color. NONFICTION PICTURE BOOK. Lerner Publications, 2018. $7 (paper). 9781512466911

We see so many beautiful colors around us every day, but what is color? Where does it come from, and why can we see so many different colors? This book teaches you all about light and color.

This was a cute book about colors. It gave a great explanation about colors mixing together to make other colors. I think their explanation of cones and light was a little confusing and they could have done a better job illustrating that then just putting eyes on the page as the picture. It also bothered me at the end when it listed multiple crayons on one page and one the other was some pictures and they had to find all the colors in the photos. Well not all the colors were there and so I thought that was a little misleading.


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