Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Pruwahaha Monster by Jean-Paul Mulders - ADVISABLE

Mulders, Jean-Paul  The Pruwahaha Monster, illustrated by Jacques Maes and Lise Braekers. PICTURE BOOK. Kids Can Press LTD, 2016. $15.95.

A child loves to go down the lane with his father to swing.  Not far away, in the forest, a monster wakes from a long sleep and emerges from his cottage. He is starving and only wants to eat what he loves most - little children!  The monster sneaks up on the unsuspecting child in the swing, ready to gobble him up, and gives him his best monster roar! “Prruwwwahhahahaha!”  But the child only laughs.  The more the monster tries to terrify, the more the child laughs.  How can this be? Has he lost his monster touch?

Readers can come to their own conclusions about the imaginative play going on between the child and his father.  Clues, especially at the end, help readers to interpret the story using illustrations and text. The monster noises will draw in audiences for read aloud fun. The illustrations are gorgeous and unique and, for me, the highlight of the book. The beginning may be a bit scary for very young readers and the ending is a touch weak.  But, overall, I really enjoyed the book.

EL - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Jen M. Elementary Librarian

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