Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Best Days Are Dog Days by Aaron Meshon - OPTIONAL

Meshon, Aaron.  The Best Days Are Dog Days.  Picture Book.  Dial Books, 2016.  $16.99.  Content: G. 

Pup tells the story of his day with his human dad, mom, and sis.  They both wake up and eat breakfast.  One at the table, the other under the table.  Both sis and pup go to the park, just different ones.  They both like getting wet and chasing squirrels.  They both have potty breaks: one goes inside and the other goes outside.  They both like treats—just not the same ones.  And they both go to bed. 

The painted illustrations are bright and bold and sure to appeal to both kids and dogs.  Author, Aaron Meshon, shows how similar the dog and the child’s day are.  As well as, how much fun they have together.  This picture book is sure to appeal to dog-lovers. 
Pre-K, EL-OPTIONAL.  Samantha Hastings, MA, MLS. 

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