Saturday, October 8, 2016

Donny's Inferno by P.W. Catanese - OPTIONAL

Catanese, P. W. Donny's Inferno, 308 pgs. Aladdin, 2016. Language: G (0 swears) Mature Content: PG Violence: PG 

Donny has just found out his father is a violent criminal so he runs away and ends up alone in an abandoned warehouse where he falls asleep.  He is awoken by the smell of smoke and realizes the warehouse is on fire.  He tries desperately to escape, finally running to the roof hoping for a way off the building.  Just when it seems hopeless, a girl, introducing herself as Angela, appears and offers to save him if he promises to do whatever she says.  He can hardly breathe or think but nods anyway and is whisked away.  He isn't sure where he ended up but definitely has a bad feeling about it and asked where they are.  She tells him that he is in the Underworld.  Can this be real?  And what does she want from him?  

Nearly the first half of this book is pretty light on plot.  We learn a lot about the Underworld, the good guys and bad guys and a few possible hints of what's to come.  I kept waiting to find out why Angela needed Donny's help.  By the time that happened it seemed almost secondary to the plot.  The real story seems to be the fight for power in the Underworld. There is a little bit of blood and gore but not at all creepy or scary.    In addition, there are several plotlines that don't seem to move the story along, it feels as though  the author is trying to set up the Underworld for additional books.  

EL, MS  - OPTIONAL Reviewer: RB

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