Monday, October 3, 2016

ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky by Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee -- ESSENTIAL

 Groß, Benedikt and Joseph Lee ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky. PICTURE BOOK. Price Stern Sloan (Penguin Young Readers), 2016. $18.99.

Groß and Lee use satellite imagery from the United States to illustrate birds-eye views of each letter of the alphabet. The targeted letter is printed on each page for reference. Maps also accompany the photos to provide geographical context. A helpful appendix includes close-ups of each letter for those who need help finding them, as well as letters that didn't quite make the cut. Some letters are easy to find, while others require hunting.

This book was a HUGE hit with my early-elementary kids. They had a great time finding each letter, and it really helped them figure out letter shapes -- so they could match. To solidify letter order for my kinders, I had them predict the next letter before we turned to a new page; they eagerly did so in order to see the next challenge. Even my second- and third-graders had a wonderful time with the book. In a vast world of ABC books, this is easily one of my very favorites. While it may be meant for a younger audience, it could be applicable with older students -- especially in geography or art classes.

EL -- ESSENTIAL. MS, HS -- ADVISABLE. Reviewed by Sydney G., Teacher/Librarian

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