Monday, March 9, 2015

Clark the Shark: Tooth Trouble by Bruce Hale - ESSENTIAL

Hale, Bruce  Clark the Shark: Tooth Trouble Illustrated by Guy Francis  Harper Collins, 2015.  $16.99  EARLY READER  Content: G.  

 Clark gets his tooth bumped at school and it hurts, so the school nurse calls his mom and has her take him to the dentist.  Clark’s friends warn him how scary the dentist can be so he is really scared to go, but when Clark meets the dentist he really likes her.  The dentist tells Clark jokes and helps his mouth feel better.   

This early reader has about four sentences per page and is a bit overwhelming for the “Level 1” beginning reader.  That said, the message about visiting the dentist is positive and reminds me of Bernstein Bear lesson books that help readers get comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist.  My boys gravitate towards Clark the Shark books—because they are obsessed with sharks whether nonfiction or fiction—so this was a big hit.  

 EL (K-3)-ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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