Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nina's Book of Little Things by Keith Haring- ESSENTIAL

Haring, Keith Nina’s Book of Little Things.  PICTURE BOOK. Big Picture Press, 2013. $19.99.  Content: G.  This book is made for children to draw in, collect things to put in the pockets provided, glue items, paste pictures, etc.  The book is designed like the original book made for Nina Clemente by Keith Haring back in 1988.  This book is a bit smaller, but has all of Haring’s text and spelling just like he made in the original.  I really like the illustrations and am really excited to create my own pictures and memories on the pages provided.  There are a lot of fun ideas that help you find creative ways to express yourself.  It will be a project that I will work on a little at a time, not in one sitting.  Pre-K. EL(K-3).  ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: JL- age 11. 

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