Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt-OPTIONAL

Nelson-Schmidt, Michelle Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. PICTURE BOOK. Kane Miller, 2013. $12.99.  Content: G. This is a cute story about a little boy named Jonathan James who unfortunately has a pessimistic “Whatif  Monster” constantly around him.  The Whatif Monster is worried about Jonathan falling out of a tree, failing at his attempt to dive off the diving board, painting an ugly picture, etc.  “Now wait just a minute! I hear all your worries; I hear all your claims.  But what if you’re wrong?” asks Jonathan James.  Jonathan them shows the Whatif Monster that a lot of good things could happen if we just give things a try.  The story is written in rhyme and the author does a really good job keeping rhythm and time on each page.  The illustrations were cute, but not my favorite- except for the Whatif Monster- he is fun and lovable.  This book has a “feel good” message that applies to anyone struggling with attempting anything new. Pre-K.  EL (K-3).  OPTIONAL. Reviewer: SL.

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