Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Wicked Big Toddlah Goes to New York by Kevin Hawkes - OPTIONAL

Hawkes, Kevin The Wicked Big Toddlah Goes to New York 40 pg. Alfred A. Knopf, 2011. PICTURE BOOK. $16.99. Toddie, the wicked big toddlah, goes to New York with his family. Everything is perfect...until Toddie goes missing. Will this gigantic toddler ever find his family in the big city? 
This was just a confusing book to me. Granted, I didn't read the first book (this is a sequel) but I think that I would have been just as mystified. First of all, the idea of a huge toddler didn't click with me; second of all, a huge toddler getting lost from his parents didn't settle with me either. Then, as they are a family from Maine, I imagine they were speaking with an Eastern accent but the language felt inconsistent and sometimes I didn't even know what they were trying to say. Not a fan, there are better books to spend precious library money on. EL-OPTIONAL. Whitney, Library-Teacher. 

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