Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The President’s Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth -PUBLIC ONLY

Farnsworth, Christopher The President’s Vampire (Nathanial Cade Book 2), 352 pgs. Putnam Adult, 2011. $15.21. (Language-R –SWEAR COUNT: 20), Violence-R; Sexual Content-R.)
Nathaniel Cade is a powerful weapon for the United States government, and they don’t hesitate to use him. Not only is he oath bound to help out but he is a lethal vampire. When a rogue government official tries his best to release a mutant snakehead virus on the world, its up to Cade and his more personable handler, Zach to stop the madness.
Only appropriate for public libraries due to its content, this book is a fast paced action adventure. I found the characters to be boring and listless and was unable to become attached to the outcomes. There was an over the top weave of political intrigue, scandal, and secrets to the point of oozing cheesiness. The writing style featured introducing a new character viewpoint at most of the chapter beginnings (who then would most likely be dead by the end of the chapter). This was interesting and creative, but since I knew they were likely to die by the end of each short chapter, I stop engaging in the reading. Overall I would recommend for the adult section of a public library.
Adult –PUBLIC ONLY Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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