Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Edwin Speaks Up! by April Stevens

Stevens, April.  Blackall, Sophie.  Edwin Speaks Up, 40 pgs.  Schwartz & Wade, 2011.  $16.99.  Inside cover:  “I’m hot! Fanny, open your window.”  “Mom, tell Fanny to close her window.  My hair is blowing.”  “Figbutton noo noo POCKY BOOKY froppin ROOF,” baby Edwin says.  The Finnemore family’s shopping trip is already a disaster, and they haven’t even gotten to the supermarket yet.  Mrs. Finnemore has found her car keys- but whatever has she done with her pocketbook?  Baby Edwin is trying to help, but he’s just babbling… isn’t he?”  This is a great book about babies, families, and the all too truthful scenario of real life adventures in the life of families. My stress level went up as I remembered those awful shopping trips with young children, and why I quickly vowed to only go alone!  We were half was through the book before we realized that Edwin’s nonsense words were actually understandable to some degree and that he was simply trying to be helpful.  The illustrations are wonderful.  The storyline is fascinating, intriguing, and interesting.  The ending is a joy! Pre-K.  EL (K-3).  ADVISABLE.  Reviewer: SL. 

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