Monday, September 19, 2011

Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach - ESSENTIAL

Cach, Lisa Wake Unto Me, 303 pgs. Speak, 2011. $8.99. Language-PG (5 swears), Sexual Content-PG; Violence-PG; When Caitlyn is accepted into a high class charter school in France her life takes a strange turn. Once in France, Caitlyn starts to have dreams about the mysterious and handsome Raphael. He lived 400 years ago. How can that be if Caitlyn visits him almost nightly in her dreams? Is he a ghost? Is she? I love Caitlyn and Raphael's love. It's so sweet and special. Hundreds of years separate them yet they still love each other. This novel is fast paced and fun to read, it left me guessing all the way to the end. MS, HS - ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer: KU

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