Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ballpark Mysteries: The Fenway Foul-Up by David A. Kelly - ESSENTIAL

Kelly, David A. Ballpark Mysteries #1, The Fenway Foul-Up illustrated by Mark Meyers 112 pg. Random House, 2011. Content-G. $4.99. What do you get when you cross Ron Roy's mystery books and Matt Christopher's sports books? The new Ballpark Mysteries series! Each book takes place within a different ballpark and has dugout notes at the end filled with interesting facts about the stadium. 
In this particular book, friends Mike and Kate have all access passes to Fenway Park. During batting practice, Big D's, the star hitter of the Red Sox, lucky bat gets stolen...without it, Big D goes from hero to zero. Can Mike and Kate help discover who stole Big D's lucky bat before the Sox have to call it a loss? With the perfect mix of mystery, comedy, and sports, this series is sure to please an array of students! EL-ESSENTIAL. Whitney, Library-Teacher. 

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