Thursday, September 22, 2011

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner- ESSENTIAL

Messner, Kate.  Neal, Christopher Silas. Over and Under the Snow, 44 pgs.  Chronicle Books, 2011.  $16.99.  

Inside cover: “Over the snow, the world is hushed and white.  But under the snow is a secret world of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals who live through the winter safe and warm under the snow.”

This is a fascinating book that compares what one little girl and her family can do on top of the wintery snow, with what winter animals can do under the fallen snow.  We loved the artwork!  The color scheme was eye-catching and inviting.  We love the little dab of red and then the huge red fox.  Each page was interesting and informative and caused the reader to wonder what animal life was like under the winter snow. The back of the book contains detailed information about each of the animals listed in the book.  This book could definitely be used for a unit on winter, animals, habitats, etc.  

Pre-K.  EL (K-3).  ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: SL.

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