Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Forces and Motion Investigations by Karen Kenney -OPTIONAL

Kenney, Karen Forces and Motion Investigations, 32 pages.  NON-FICTION. Lerner, 2018.  $20. 9781512449570

This book explores forces and motion with short chapters on where movement comes from, what keeps objects in space, what makes things move, and how does a rocket escape gravity. It features historical figures and discoveries, an experiment readers can try for themselves, and lots of analogies that students will relate to –like trampolines and sports. Contains diagrams and bright photographs.

Although this is a nice book for upper elementary –I get zero requests from teachers and students for books on this topic. I believe that is because this topic is better taught by example (like in class demonstrations and experiments or even videos) rather than by reading about it. I already had quite a few books on forces and motion in the library –the only kind I would add to this collection is come kind of fictionalize picture book story that illustrated the topic to use as an attention grabber.

EL – OPTIONAL Stephanie, Elementary School Librarian & Author

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