Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ride: Kit Meets Covington by Bobbi Jo Weiss - ESSENTIAL

Weiss, Bobbi JG Ride: Kit Meets Covington, 269 pages. Candle Wick Entertainment, 2017. $17 Content: G.

Kit Bridges is a 14 year old girl. Kit's Father, Rudy, gets a job at a fancy riding school in England. They move to England from their home back in America. When they get to the school, Kit is forced to ride TK. This might not seem like a big deal, but Kit hadn't ridden a horse since her mom died. TK has one last chance for someone to ride him before he is shipped away and sold. 

This book has an amazing story. I absolutely loved how Kit had to learn to make new friends with not only humans but horses too. This book is one of my favorite books ever! Kit moves to a whole different continent to support her dad and ends up making great friends. 

EL, MS - ESSENTIAL 7th Grade Student Reviewer AH

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