Saturday, May 12, 2018

Soccer Switch by Brandon Terrell - ADVISABLE

Terrell, Brandon Soccer Switch, art by Aburtov, 72 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL, Capstone, 2017. Content: G.

Andre and Cullin have been best friends and teammates for years. This summer they can finally join the Bobcats soccer team, coached by the famous Coach Winston.  But when the news reports Winston is retiring and their new coach makes them run strange drills - blindfolded or with oven mitts on their hands, Cullin quits the team. Andre decides to stay on and make the best of it, but will they have even enough teammates to compete, let alone try for the summer championship?

This early reader graphic novel (actually somewhere between a graphic and a picture book) has a great message, comprehension and further thinking questions, a glossary and soccer moves.  It would work well in a classroom, either read together or as independent practice.  I hope there are more like this.

EL - ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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