Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Promise by Zvi and Wolfe - ESSENTIAL

The Promise by Pnina Zvi and Margie Wolfe, illustrated by Isabelle Cardinal.  PICTURE BOOK.  Second Story Press, 2018.  $19.  9781772600582

Before Toby and Rachel’s parents were taken away by the German soldiers, they slipped a small tin can with three gold coins hidden in it to Toby, telling her she would know when to use them.  The girls are taken to Auschwitz, where they managed to stay together until Rachel gets sick.  Toby will need those three coins to save her sister’s life.

The authors of this book are cousins, daughters of Toby and Rachel.  I love that they are still more true stories of the Holocaust being told. I don’t think there can ever be enough. If no one teaches about the Holocaust in your school, then make these stories easy for your students to find on their own.

Cindy, Library Teacher

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