Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Day at the Beach by Tom Booth - ESSENTIAL

Booth, Tom Day at the Beach.  PICTURE BOOK Aladdin, 2018. $18. 9781534411050 
Gideon and his sister Audrey make a sandcastle at the beach every summer.  Gideon is in charge of the dimensions of the towers and Audrey is in charge of decorating it with seashells and sea glass.  Gideon has decided that this summer will be different and he is going to build the ultimate sandcastle without Audrey’s help.  After a few disastrous tries, he finally constructs the perfect sandcastle and gets the accolades of everyone on the beach.  But when he looks over and sees his parents building a sandcastle with Audrey he decides it’s more fun to do things together. 
I love the adorable and bright illustrations that add to the story line.  The short and simple text has a great moral that sometimes it’s not about what everyone else thinks, but it’s about doing things together with those we love.  I especially loved the drawings of the cute seagulls. 
EL (K-3) – ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.    

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