Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Escape from Vodran by Ben Blacker - ADVISABLE

Ben Blacker Star Wars Join The Resistance Escape From Vodran, 327 pages. Disney, 2017. $13. Language: G (0 swears) Mature Content: G. Violence: PG.

It begins with some of the main characters, Mattis, Lorica, Joe, and AG-90 on the planet Vodran, getting captured by stormtroopers, and being put in a prison camp on Vodran. Joe immediately turns on the main characters, and AG-90 gets reprogrammed. Mattis and Lorica are in a cell with another character, Cost, who is crazy, and the three of them then meet Ymoss, a huge Gigorian, that does NOT like Mattis. Everyone is being forced to work, while above Vodran, some of the main character's friends try a rescue but fail, and come across a "ghost moon" filled with droids serving a new character, Harra the Hutt, whose palace was turned into the prison camp on Vodran. Harra decides to try to take back her palace. While on Vodran, Mattis, Lorica, and Cost try several different escape attempts, all of which fail. Eventually, everyone comes together for one final, desperate, escape plan that the First Order believe will fail, but everyone might just prove them wrong.

I like the vast array of characters. However, at first, they didn't seem interesting, possibly because I believe this book is in a series of books. Fortunately, the book got really good really quick. All in all, a good book, but not great. 

MS - ADVISABLE  7th grade student reviewer  JA

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