Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Hidden Loch by Marlaine Maddux White - OPTIONAL

White, Marlaine Maddux The Hidden Loch, 138 pages.  Illustrated by Claude St. Aubin.  GRAPHIC NOVEL  Penny-Farthing Productions, 2017. $15. Content: G. 
Deep beneath Loch Ness where the Loch Ness monster myth originates, is a place called the Hidden Loch.  Nessandra and her parents are the paddle giants who are royalty and maintain the safety of the Hidden Loch from the drywalkers (humans) above.  When Nessandra’s grandmother goes into Loch Ness for her annual arck (a time to check on the world above), she is wounded by a human and eventually dies.  Nessandra’s responsibilities increase and she feels a need to investigate other parts of their waters, but she finds trouble and it will take the help of all of her friends before she can keep the Hidden Loch safe. 
Reading this graphic novel was like watching a B-rated children’s animated cartoon.  It is a good story with great values like friendship, family, conservation and loyalty.  The illustrations are bright and attractive.  I had to be patient with the beginning because there are so many different character names and the made up terms such as “arcking” and “drywalkers” were confusing, but it came together and was a decent story. 
EL (K-3), EL – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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