Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Space Adventurer's Guide by McMahon and Holinaty - ESSENTIAL


With our rapidly advancing 21st century technology, space travel is beginning to be an available option to more than just an exclusive band of highly trained astronauts. This book explores the many options for space travel now and in the future--whether its a simple hop into an orbit of earth or something as crazy as landing on a comet. Each chapter explores a different space adventure, discusses the technology needed for such a flight (and how far out we might be in actually achieving it!), details what sorts of things you might see, and includes lots of great pictures. There is a nice index and credits section in the back. 

I can see this book being a big hit with elementary readers who are interested in space travel. There is loads of great information, quotes from real astronauts and other space experts, and I especially liked the photographs and illustrations. The layout of the book as a "tour guide" is a really fun concept and should make it more accessible to kids. And overall its an exciting thing to read about the real possibilities of space travel in the near future! 

Reviewer: TC

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