Monday, May 14, 2018

Too Shattered for Mending by Peter Brown Hoffmeister - OPTIONAL

Too Shattered for Mending by Peter Brown Hoffmeister, 384 pages. Knopf Books for Young Readers (Random), 2017. Language: R (133 swears, 60 ‘f’) Mature Content: R (Murder, Rape, Abuse, Drug Use, Suicide, Illegal Activity, and Parental Neglect) Violence: R

Little’s Grandfather has disappeared, and the cops are deeply suspicious that he knows his whereabouts. He is struggling enough as it is taking care of his little cousin and trying to be a new adult since his brother was arrested, so he tries to avoid the cops as best he can, but when a particularly aggressive sheriff finds out a harmful secret of Little’s he is blackmailed into helping with the investigation of the only adult figure he has ever known. 

Too Shattered For Mending is an unflinching story that deals artfully with heavy topics like poverty and abusive familial ties. It shows the messy complexities of the relationships humans have with their parents and their siblings, and how the ties we have with the people who love us can make an individual grow healthier or sicker. The writing is poetic but has a realistic male voice, and the storyline is harrowing. The characters are not always likeable but they are always well drawn and sympathetic. The graphic content however, makes this book unsuitable for anyone under sixteen and could be extremely triggering for anyone who has suffered abuse.

Reviewer: Jewel

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