Thursday, May 31, 2018

Where Has the Moon Gone? by Hiroyuki Arai - ADVISABLE

Where Has the Moon Gone? by Hiroyuki Arai, illustrated by Yukiko Kobayashi. PICTURE BOOK. StarBerry Books (Kane Press), 2018. $17. 9781575659701.


Two mice love to hang out under the moon each night. One morning they begin to wonder where the moon goes during the day, so they set off to find the moon. In seeking to find the moon, they mistakenly find an orange, a balloon and more round yellow objects. Its a delightful adventure that ends with another night with their friend, the moon. 

This is a fun little story for preschool readers that works as a great read-aloud. The text is not too long and tells the story fairly directly. I enjoyed the illustrations and especially the color palate the illustrator chose to use. Kids will appreciate the adventures of the two mice and adults will love that its a simple but nice story. 

Reviewer: TC

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