Monday, May 7, 2018

Blue in the Face by Gary Swallow - ADVISABLE

Swallow, Gary Blue in the Face, 308 pages. Middle Grade Fiction (5th-8th grade) Bloombury Publishing, 2016.$17 Language: G (0 swears, 0 F’s) Mature Content: G Violence: PG 13 

Elspeth has a hard time listening to her parents. She is transported to a world where signs talk and fairy tale characters live. In order to get back to her home (which she could have sworn she was just in) Elspheth has to defeat the evil King Krool. She makes friends along the way, including the famous Humpty Dumpty. King Krool wants to find Elspheth so he can make sure she doesn't stop him, so she sticks close to her friends and learns the real stories, not the ones that put her to bed every night. From that point on she goes on a magical journey through the stories she had been told before bed, and finds out some things that were kept hidden on the stories. 

I liked the book because it showed the original stories, it also had adventure. After each chapter there is a poem summarizing the chapter. This way the reader know exactly what they need to know. Some things I liked about the book included the original fairy tales and some of the character were portrayed in an interesting way. The book had a way of making things very important. It also tried to foreshadow some of the upcoming events, this made the reader think more. My favorite part of the book was when Elspeth learns that even though it isn't her world shecan still make friends there.

EL - ADVISABLE 7th Grade Student Reviewer GF

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