Sunday, January 7, 2018

Time Shifters by Chris Grine -OPTIONAL

Grine, Chris Time Shifters 272 pgs. Graphix (Scholastic), 2017.  $13. Language: G (0 swears) Mature Content: G Violence: PG13 (drowning) GRAPHIC NOVEL

Luke suffers a tragedy one day in the woods, another day he is swept away on an interdimensional time travel adventure that may be the end of him –or just perhaps just what he needs to alter the past. He meets a strange host of allies and an even stranger host of villains. Well crafted cartoon style illustrations.
This is a wild fast paced adventure with many memorable characters.

I think elementary students would love this book –EXCEPT (Spoiler Alert) –the book starts off with a drowning. I will never forgive my fourth grade teacher for having the class read Bridge to Terabithia and this book visually shows a tragic scene –I can student readers with similar reactions (as well as parents). While that does add brevity to the slapdash plot, I did find myself cringing thinking of the reactions of readers. I would normally jump this book up to middle school –however, the rest of the plot is a bit too childish.  Up to you and your student population.

EL –OPTIONAL.  Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author

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