Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Busy People: Teacher by Lucy George- OPTIONAL

George, Lucy M. Busy People: Teacher. Illustrated by Ando Twin.  $19.99. PICTURE BOOK.  9781609928322

Ms. Betts is an elementary school teacher.  She is very busy all day long. She prepares for the students before they get to school.  She teaches math and art.  She helps the students find the library and the lunchroom. She tells stories and schedules guest lectures.  After the children leave she cleans up and prepares for the next day.  

This is a simple book outlining an ordinary day for elementary school age teacher and students.  The back of the book lists additional responsibilities of a teaching job as well as materials and supplies a teacher needs.  Listed also are other busy people who work with teachers: teacher’s assistants, principals, lunchtime monitors and crossing guards.  This informational book would be a big help to children preparing to go to elementary school for the first time. It could also be used in a unit about different job opportunities.  

Pre-K.  EL (K-3).  Reviewer: SL.

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