Wednesday, January 24, 2018

ABC Color by Ingela P Arrhenius - ADVISABLE

Arrhenius, Ingela P ABC Color : Apricot, Burgundy & Chartreuse - 26 cool new colors are out on the loose!, BOARD BOOK. Walter Foster Jr (The Quarto Group), 2017. $12.95. Content: G.

Now that you’ve learned the basic colors - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple, it’s time to learn so many more because we live in a very colorful world!  Each page represents 2 “new colors” with an accompanying picture representing those colors.

I don’t really see myself teaching my 2-year-old these new colors, but the ABC is a fun read.  Now, that said this is a great book for a middle school or elementary art class! There are six different shades of green in this book (or are they called hues?) The names seem made up, but google them - zomp, xanadu, razzmatazz - yep color names.  This is more fun than a box of 64 crayons - except you can’t color with this board book.  But, what a fun way to teach color variations.

Pre-K - ADVISABLE Lisa Librarian

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