Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stay! A Top Dog Story by Alex Latimer- ESSENTIAL

Latimer, Alex Stay! A Top Dog Story. PICTURE BOOK. Peachtree Publishers, Ltd., 2015. $16.95.  Content: G.  9781561458844

Ben loves his dog Buster!  He is sure that Buster is the best dog in the whole world!  Ben’s parents do not agree.  When it is time to go on a family vacation, Mom and Dad agree that Buster will be staying at Grampa’s while they are gone.  Ben is worried that Grampa won’t know how to take care of Buster and doesn’t know all the things that Buster likes to do.  Dad suggests that Ben tells Grampa everything he might need to know in a note.   Ben starts writing… and writing… and writing.  By the time the family was ready to set off, Ben had more notes than he could count. 

This is a fun book about pets, responsibility and love.  Latimer takes a unique approach to publishing Ben’s lists by actually sharing child like drawings and sketches with “to do” lists such as “When should Buster have a bath?” and “You know you’re hugging Buster too hard when: he starts panting, his eyes bulge, he makes a croaking sound, and he farts.” The notes are written on different types and colors of paper and the illustrations are precious! This is not a quick read, rather a “snuggle down and spend a lot of time exploring” type of picture book.  Dog lovers of all types will enjoy this unique book.  

Pre-K. EL (K-3). ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: SL.

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