Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pasadena by Sherri Smith - OPTIONAL

Smith, Sherri L. Pasadena, 228 pages. Penguin Random House LLC, 2016. $17.99. Language: R ( 18 swears, 11 ‘F’’); Mature Content: R ( Sex, Rape, Sleepovers with opposite genders, Drug use, Alcohol) Violence: PG-13.

When Jude’s best friend Maggie is found dead in a swimming pool, Joey suspects suicide, Jude suspects murder, and parents suspect it is an accident. Jude is devastated that she moved away during the summer because Jude’s parents got a divorce.  Jude and her friends all disagree that it is a different situation.  They try and figure out what actually happened to Maggie. 

The beginning was really slow. As I got to the middle I just had no interest in reading, but I still did. The language in the book was very different than what I’m used to saying. There were words that I don’t usually say or hear that often. While reading the book there were some scenes that made me a little uncomfortable to read. There were a lot of sex scenes in the book, and references to drugs and alcohol. Overall the book was quite slow and I think that only mature readers should read it.

HS- OPTIONAL.  8th grade Student Reviewer JR

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