Sunday, May 14, 2017

On the Spot by Rosenthal and Redmond - GIFT

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse and Lea Redmond  On the Spot: a book you don’t just read, you play, illustrated by Sanne te Leo.  PICTURE BOOK WITH STICKERS.  Random House, 2017.  $17.

A little girl goes through her day, but on each page is a large hole, waiting for you to fill it with a surprise object.  In the back of the book are stickers that you can use, but right on opening page of the book, it encourages you to find small random objects to fill in the spaces.  The stickers provided are nice and thick and there is a page in the back to keep them for as long as you can.  What I really like is that none of the stickers are what you would expect to fill ANY of the holes.  For example, on one page the girl is outside and she feels a drop of ________________.  A drop of banana?  Teddy Bear? Potato?  What for for a great nonsense book.  It will drive logical kids crazy, but hopefully all will join in the goofiness.  Think of it as an easier version of MadLibs.

GIFT - ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher

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