Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rebels Rising by Shanna Swendson - ADVISABLE

Swendson, Shanna Rebels Rising (Rebels #3), 292 pages.  NLA Digital, 2017.  $15 (Amazon).  

Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG

Verity, in her role of reporter Liberty Jones, has brought public scorn and suspicion onto the head of the Colonial government, bringing the Rebel Mechanics and the Rebel Magisters to the point where if they work together, they might be able to have the backing to free themselves from England’s rule.  Henry is still on the run, but he may have to risk coming back to the city to help maneuver the rebellion.  And Verity will have to make her identity known, not only to all of the rebels, but also to those for whom she cares.

Swendson’s steampunk is spot on fun!  While there is some romance, it is not the main focus of the novels (which is the way I prefer it).  I don’t know why Farrar doesn’t print these any more – go ahead and get number 2 and 3 through Amazon – they are well worth it!


Cindy, Library Teacher

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