Sunday, May 28, 2017

Atlantis in Peril by T.A. Baron - ESSENTIAL

Barron, T.A. Atlantis in Peril, 257 pages. Philomel. $18.00.   Content: G.

After discovering his immortal nature, Promi returns to the spirit realm to check on his sister, Jalady, and meet up with his parents, Sammelvar and Escholia, who tell him to stop traveling between worlds. Promi refuses to listen, however, because that would mean living without Atlanta. Promi travels between worlds, weakening the veil that holds the two worlds separate. Narkazan, the evil spirit, notices this difference and begins planning for his War of Glory. Promi and his friends must defend the mortal realm from Narkazans evil clutches and keep the magic of Atlantis from those who seek to control it.

This book kept me up into the morning. T.A. Barron continues the saga with a wondrous plot and a smartly paced story, holding onto the reader with every turn of the page. A story like this is the kind that make me love reading. T.A.Barron is the master of the fantastic. I give this book an easy five stars.

EL, MS - ESSENTIAL. Reviewer:JRD, 7th Grade

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