Thursday, May 11, 2017

Horizon by Scott Westerfeld - ESSENTIAL

Westerfeld, Scott Horizon, 240 pages. Scholastic Inc, 2017.  $12.99 Language: PG (0 swear 0 “f”)   Mature Content: G  Violence: PG (someone dies)

A group of 14 year old engineers called Team Killbot, decide to travel to Japan to fight other teams with their robots. Once they get in a plane they’re very excited to go to Japan. Something begins to malfunction in their plane and they begin to go down. The plane crashes, killing everyone except 7 people. Team killbot survives, along with some interesting survivors. They struggle to survive with very little water and very little food. Strange noises come from the jungle, it doesn’t sound human, but it doesn’t sound animal either. Even the birds don’t look like birds. Will they be able to survive this strange and scary jungle?

This book was very interesting. The author wrote everything very well and I could picture everything pretty well. The book was slow in the beginning but after two chapters it really picked up good pace, the characters really started to show their personalities which made the book more engaging. There was lots of action and thinking in this book, it was really intense, but in good way. Overall I love this book and I just couldn’t put it down.

MS - Essential Student Reviewer CG

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