Friday, May 19, 2017

The Forgetting Machine by Pete Hartman - ADVISABLE

Hautman, Pete The Forgetting Machine, 216 pages. SIMON & SCHUSTER BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS, 2016. $16.99. Language:G (0 swears 0 “f”) Mature Content: G Violence: G   

Ginger Crump has an essay due Monday on why Flinkwater, Iowa  is named Flinkwater. But she gets sidetracked and starts to read Charlotte's Web on her tablet which is an e-book but it looks like it got hacked. All of the animals have been changed to children! Ginger is mad about this but everyone in her town is forgetting who they are! A tutor named Mr.Rausch has been assigned to teach Billy about American history whose. Billy is Ginger’s boyfriend. Mr.Rausch uses a method called REMEMBER for tutoring.Billy forgets who Ginger is after the tutoring session.  Can Ginger save Flinkwater or will everyone forget who they are? 

Although this is the second book of the series the author does a good job. This mystery book was very well written and had a great story, very unusual school. I liked how weird, interesting, and funky this story was. 

EL, MS - ADVISABLE 8th Grade Student Reviewer BK

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