Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Crossing the Line by Alan Eisenberg - OPTIONAL

Eisenberg, Alan Crossing The Line : A Cautionary Bullying Tale, 352 pages. Outskirts Press Inc, 2017. $15.99. Language: R (66 swears, 1 ‘F’); Mature Content: PG-13 ( drugs, body parts); Violence: PG-13.

Four troubled teens who know each other from their school, Lincoln High, all have different stories. Jessie cuts herself to relieve her pain over getting bullied by her best friend Sandi and the death of her brother Griffin. Brian has had a previous experience with drugs and is trying to get out of the “loser club.” Sandi has everything she could possibly want but still feels the need to bully her best friend to suicide. Anarchy is a boy who has had a rough past, to relieve his pain and stress he started a website and doesn’t ever reveal his name.

I really enjoyed the message of this book, It made me realize that people can have hard lives but you wouldn’t really know.  It teaches you a lesson to be kind and understanding to everyone because you never know what they’re feeling. However, the way the book is planned out is really confusing and hard to follow at first because each chapter is something completely different, and is about a different person, and by the time you read the next part to one chapter you have already forgotten what happened. Once you know how they all know each other and part of their stories it will all come together. There was quite a bit of swearing but that is what makes the story so interesting because it makes the characters more believable . It´s a good story for teens to read but there is too much swearing and violence for younger kids.  

MS, HS - OPTIONAL.  8th Grade Student Reviewer EA

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