Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Toymaker's Apprentice by Sherri L. Smith - OPTIONAL

Smith, Sherri L. The Toymaker's Apprentice, 384 pgs. (I only read 93 pgs), Penguin Group, 2015, $16.99, Language: G(0 swears, 0 "f");Mature Content: G: Violence: G.

Stephan Drosselmeyer's mom just died so he is left to live with his father, a toymaker in Nuremberg. Stephan wants more out of life. In order to fulfill that need, he tries to run away, but is caught by his cousin who enlist him in finding a mysterious nut that could save the princess that has become a living wood doll. 

This book was okay. I stopped reading because I lost interest. It wasn't exciting enough for me. Others might find it interesting, but I didn't. 

MS - OPTIONAL Student Reviewer:JM(7th Grade)

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