Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray - ESSENTIAL

Bray, Libba  Lair of Dreams (Diviners, #2), 613 pgs.  Little, Brown and Company, 2015.  $19.00  Content: Language: PG-13 (26 swears); Mature Content: PG-13; Violence: PG-13.   

In New York during the twenties there are many teens who find themselves with Diviner gifts.  Evie can hold an object and tell you the story behind it, something she has taken to the public and now has a radio show about.  Sam can control people’s minds for 10-15 seconds and stop them from seeing him.  Henry and Ling can walk among dreams.  And there are others.  There is a dream sickness in the city and people aren’t waking up from their night of dreams.  Ling and Henry innocently start dreaming walking and get caught up in their hopes.  Evie and Sam are trying to find Sam’s mom because they believe she knows about who the Diviners are.  All of them will have to find each other and work together to overcome the evil that has taken hold of New York.   

This book is fantastic.  Libba Bray can weave so many different stories and characters and it is seamless.  The historical background of not only the time period but of New York adds to the quality of this book.  The mature content is a heavy make out session and homosexual kissing.  The violence is a murder. The only thing that will be hard about getting kids to read this book is the length, otherwise it’s a great ghost story.  The audio book reader is over the top excellent.   

MS, HS – ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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