Monday, November 9, 2015

City Kitty Cat by Steve Webb- OPTIONAL

Webb, Steve. City Kitty Cat, PICTURE BOOK. Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014. $17.99. Content: G. The City Kitty drives a taxi all day long and loves his job. When he picks up some visiting wild animals who are eager to fly back home to the jungle after enjoying their time in the city. City Kitty decides that perhaps he needs to experience a place other than the city and see the world. He travels with the animals back to the jungle and really enjoys himself for the first few days. Slowly though, he begins to get a little tired of some of the things he encounters in the jungle and really wants to get back to the city. Some of the rhymes in this book were seriously frustrating tongue twisters. It made for reading aloud really difficult (and I’ve had a LOT of practice reading aloud). The illustrations were a little better than the storyline, but I wasn’t really impressed by any of it. The story was too slow and I wasn’t engaged. EL (K-3)- OPTIONAL. Reviewed by Shay, School Librarian

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