Thursday, November 5, 2015

Serendipity and Me by Judith Roth - ADVISABLE

Roth, Judith  Serendipity and Me, 312 pgs.  Viking, 2013.  $16.99.  

Grief shadows the home that Sara shares with her father following the loss of her mother.  As the years go by, Sara struggles to find joy and dispel the loneliness she feels.  When a kitty comes into her life, immediately Sara begins to feel the sting of loss ease.  Now how to convince her father that Serendipity needs to become a permanent member of the family in only seven days.  Serendipity & Me is a beautiful, simple exploration of moving past grief and moving toward light.  Sara finds the courage to reclaim the happy memories of her childhood that her father would like to bury forever and in the process finds a new friend in her sweet pet.  As Serendipity claims a bigger part of their hearts, Sara and her father begin to find a way to celebrate the family they once were and make new traditions. 

Written in a stream of consciousness, poetic style, Serendipity and Me would appeal to readers who are animal lovers.   

EL, MS—ADVISABLE.  Written by J. Hafen

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