Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Greatest Liar on Earth: A True Story by Mark Greenwood –OPTIONAL

Greenwood, Mark and Illustrated by Lessac, Frane The Greatest Liar on Earth: A True Story 32 pgs. Candlewick, 2012. $13.25.  (Rating: G)
Louis de Rougemont entranced audiences with tales of his many world wide adventures. Sea monsters, turtle riding, and crocodile wrestling are just some of his many feats. Everyone started to call him a liar and his popularity fell. There is some evidence today that perhaps he wasn't lying after all.
This book is a quandary for me. I didn't like the artwork at all. But this non-fiction story presents some interesting concepts of truth and lies, maybe exaggeration. I don’t even know where I would shelve it or how I would use in lesson's. If you have some good ideas for this books place in your own library –it might be a welcome addition.
ELEMENTARY –OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian & Author.

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