Monday, December 17, 2012

Being Friends with Boys by Tera McVoy - OPTIONAL

McVoy, Tera Elan Being Friends with Boys, 361 pgs. Simon Pulse, 2012. $16.99. Language: R (15+ swears, 3 f’s); Mature Content: PG-13;

After having one of the best summers of her life just hanging out with the band Sad Jackal, Charlotte starts the new school year off with her best friend Lish dumping her, her friend Trip dropping out of the band, and her sister off at college. She has to figure out how to handle things on her own. She writes the lyrics for the band and Oliver the band leader, whom Char has been friends with since middle school, starts taking credit for the songs after they become popular playing for the school Halloween Dance. Now Lish wants to be her friend again, two girls from a female band want her to sing with them and she finds out Fabian, the guy she likes, is gay. Char learns through her experiences and mistakes how to deal with everything life has thrown at her. Including, finding her real feelings for Trip, who is now totally ignoring her.

I thought that getting to know Charlotte was really easy. The author gave her a lot of obstacles that she overcame in a good way. I liked that she was a strong character. She was offered pot and declined, she was offered a drink of whiskey and described how bad it was and didn’t want it again. She learned that Lish only wanted to be her friend when she was popular and Char didn’t want to be fake like that. She was always true to herself.  

HS—OPTIONAL (see content ratings). CW

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