Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Poisoned House by Michael Ford - ADVISABLE

Ford, Michael The Poisoned House, 319 pgs. Albert Whitman & Company, 2011. $8.99. Language: PG (4 swears, 0 ‘F’); Violence: PG; Mature Content: PG 

Abi is the faithful maid at Greave Manor, an impressive mansion in London. The master of the house is slowly fading into madness and the tyrannical housekeeper is causing Abi every possible misery. Everything changes when a ghostly presence makes itself known causing Abi to question her own past as she becomes desperate to discover what secrets the house is concealing.   

This is a fun ghost story that gives the reader a safe thrill. The setting of a Victorian mansion with a sadistic housekeeper, crazy master, and ghostly presence trying to get justice for a murder is ideal. The main character, Abi, is likable and the reader will be rooting for her throughout the story. The ending is a bit predictable and all the loose ends are tied up a little too nicely, but the book is an enjoyable read with scares and an ending that satisfies.

MS, HS—ADVISABLE. AEB Social Studies Teacher

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