Monday, December 31, 2012

Spilling Ink by Mazer and Potter - OPTIONAL

Mazer, Anne and Potter, Ellen Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook, 244 pgs. Roaring Brook Press, 2010. Language - G, Sexual Content - G; Violence - G; 

Anne and Ellen are inviting everyone to write. Write whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. This duo goes through the "writing process" and hands out tips and challenges for anyone who wants to write. Their advice was very helpful in understanding writing terms I didn't understand as well as with writing. Just reading through the book gave me several writing ideas and a whole poem! Whether you've been writing for ten years or decided you wanted to try ten minutes ago, every writer will learn something from Anne and Ellen. 

EL, MS - OPTIONAL. Reviewer: CCH

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