Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pickle by Kim Baker –ADVISABLE

Baker, Kim Pickle 240 pgs. Roaring Brook Press, 2012. $10.87.  (Rating: G)
After Ben comes across a fun prank opportunity that can’t be missed, well he thinks he might like to do it again. So he enlists as team of multi-talents partners and they form the League of Picklemakers. Well at least that’s their cover story. They come up with lots of fun ideas. The biggest problem isn't getting caught, it’s the strain on Ben’s friendship with Hector –who isn't a member of the club because his grandma is the principal.
I really enjoyed this book –but I am kind of a trickster myself. The characters were surprisingly extremely well developed and I laughed out loud many times. I think students will be drawn to this book because of the pranks and stick with it because of the great writing! This is going to be a hit with students! This book is set in Middle school but I think it’s better suited for older elementary.
ELEMENTARY –ADVISABLE Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian &

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